About us

Digital Enthusiasts

We are a group of professionals & friends who love what we do and crave to share our knowledge and skills.

We have experience from all of the angles of digital marketing - brands, agencies, and publishers.

Aleksandra Gałązka

Anna Elwart

& The Team

Maybe you?

Our mission

We help to convert marketing efforts into success.

We want to improve lives of marketing people and make the internet a better place. We belive that advertising is a tool that can be used in a good purposes and we work for brands that we believe do so.

We care about marketing professionals, and that is why we decided to make supporting them our priority.

Company info

Madokado sp. z o.o.

Poland, 00-838 Warsaw

Prosta 70 (Crown Point, V floor)

VAT: PL 5272943741 | REGON: 387694267 | KRS: 0000873000