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Years of know-how
For medium and small companies who must get their marketing and sales in order, our services are a new interim CMO & marketing team services that provide smart money investments in place where usually you would see only costs.

Unlike media agencies that typically work on fees, we offer a form of investment into your business.

Meet the team

We are a group of professionals & friends who love what we do and crave to share our knowledge and skills. We have experience from all of the angles of digital marketing - brands, agencies, and publishers.

Anna Elwart

Over 14 experience in digital, management and business. Investor, business strategist, educator and foodie traveler. She love to explore and learn new things.
Head of Business Operations

Aleksandra Gałązka

Over 9 years of experience in digital and PR. Content enthusiast, excel lover, aspiring declutter specialist. She love non-standard marketing projects.
Head of Strategy & Growth

Paulina Kaim

Over 9 years of experience in performance and account management. Digital master, customer charmer, chaos buster. She ran out a hundred of performance campaigns
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