Implementing a system for campaign optimization

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The challenge at hand was to minimize the operational workload for media planners and accountants while creating a unified ecosystem for aggregating data and documents. This encompassed the need to optimize work processes, enhance collaboration, and centralize data management to streamline operations effectively.


Collaborating with Pragmatic Ad, a technology provider, became the cornerstone of a dedicated project for a media house handling global brands. The objective revolved around implementing technology to facilitate online campaign management, optimize vendor relationship management, and enhance operational efficiency. This involved automating document workflows and establishing a unified ecosystem to manage orders, rates, and material distribution.

Madokado was entrusted with selecting the appropriate system and overseeing the coordination and implementation of the tool.


The implementation of Pragmatic Ad's technology led to transformative outcomes:

  • Simplified campaign management: The system facilitated smoother campaign handling, reducing manual intervention and enhancing accuracy.
  • Optimized collaboration: Automation of document workflows improved communication and efficiency across teams and with advertising partners.
  • Centralized ecosystem: The unified platform streamlined order management, rates, and material distribution, fostering a more cohesive and efficient operational environment.

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